Tuesday 9 August 2022

Medicine Hat Memorial Tournament 2022

The club played host to the Medicine Hat Memorial Triples Tournament for the first time since 2019. Six teams from three different clubs attended - Medicine Hat LBC, Lethbridge LBC, and Highlands LBC (Edmonton).

Teams played 5 round robin games against one another over the course of two days and it culminated w
ith teams being seeded into the A, B, or C finals.

Richard Turner, Thelma Melnichuk, and Katherine Kerr from Highlands (3-1-1) went up against Barb Moll, Curt Moll, and Eric Moll from Medicine Hat (3-2). The Turner rink came out on top with a 9-5 win to take the Medicine Hat Memorial Trophy. 

Wes Bresee, Mike Gilchrist, and Jean Bresee (3-3) from Medicine Hat went up against Bill Black, Ann Black, and Sandra Angell from Highlands (2-2-1). The games was tied at four going into the eighth. The Bresee rink managed to score a point to take the 'B' Championships 5-4.

Scott Packer, Esther Rodzinyak, and Robert Rodzinyak of Lethbridge (2-3) went up against Linda Bower, Frank Buck, and Joyce-Ann Bacon of Medicine Hat (1-4) and soundly defeated the Bower rink 20-1 in seven ends to take the 'C' Chammpionship. 

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