Wednesday 3 July 2024

Canada Day Tournament

Four teams vied for the annual Burniston Family Trophy on Canada Day. Weather was an issue for some of the morning with some serious thunder and rain storms happening in and around Southern Alberta. Play was halted at one point for 20 minutes when there was a deluge of rain. 

Skips were drawn out of a hat of the six females playing. The four skips then drew the rest of their team out of the same hat. 

Team Bower - Linda Bower, Wes Bresee, Pat Ferrier, and Braydon Gordon

Team Starling - Janette Starling, Sam Ferrier, and Curt Moll

Team Sanregret - Yvonne Sanregret, Mike Gilchrist, and Cave Starling

Team Bresee - Jean Bresee, Barb Moll, and Doug Sanregret.

Due to the weather, the skips decided that the round robin would be sufficient to determine a winner. Originally we were going to play a playoff round. 

Team Bower and Team Bresee were tied at 2-1 in the standings, but Team Bresee had beaten Team Bower to win the tiebreaker. 

The bronze medal team was Team Starling, who were tied with Team Sanregret, but had beaten them in the round robin, too. 

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