Sunday 23 June 2024

Dave Dennis Memorial

The Medicine Hat Lawn Bowling Club held its first singles tournament of the season Sunday with 14 competitors.

Seven men and seven women took part in the fourth annual Dave Dennis Memorial Tournament that resembles a backyard bocce.

Instead of competitors playing in lanes, they were allowed to use two bowls and play anywhere on the green.

On the women’s side, Barb Moll won her third consecutive gold medal with an 11-6 win over Pat Ferrier, and Jean Bresee secured bronze after holding on to an 11-8 win over Janette Starling.

On the men’s side, Wes Bresee won his first gold medal with an 11-5 win over Frank Buck, and Cave Starling took home bronze after beating Sam Ferrier 11-4.

All entry money ($140) was donated to the Margery E. Yuill Cancer Centre to help provide local cancer patients treatment and care.

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