Thursday 19 August 2021

Bowls Alberta Visit

Pat Vos, Executive Director of Bowls Alberta, and Heather Mackie, Secretary of Bowls Alberta, stopped in for a visit to the club. Pat went over the things that Bowls Alberta and Bowls Canada Boulgrin do for member clubs. The entire Medicine Hat board attended the supper meeting.

After a meal, the board went outside and Pat showed us how to use a bowling arm. Bowling arms were designed to assist bowlers that have trouble bending down. It took a couple of rolls, but most members of the board were able to roll a bowl with the bowling arm. Pat left the club a bowling arm.

Pat also did a little coaching with the Ubi Launchers, of which the club has six. Again, it takes a few rolls to get the hang of it. 

There is a good chance we will be having a tournament in 2022 in which participants must use the bowling arm, an Ubi Launcher, or their weak arm to play. 

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