Friday 16 July 2021

Singles Competitive League Schedule

Medicine Hat Lawn Bowling Club

Singles League 2021

Monday, 12 July

Monday, 9 August

Rink 4 - Steve vs Curt

Rink 6 - Barb vs Wes

Bye - Mike

Rink 4 - Steve vs Barb

Rink 6 - Wes vs Mike

Bye - Curt

Monday, 19 July

Monday, 16 August

Rink 5 - Barb vs Mike

Rink 6 - Curt vs Wes

Bye - Steve

Rink 3- Semi Final - 4th Place vs 1st Place

Rink 5 - Semi Final - 3rd Place vs 2nd Place

Eliminated - 5th place

Monday, 26 July

Monday, 23 August

Rink 2 - Barb vs Curt

Rink 4 - Mike vs Steve

Bye - Wes

Rink 3 - Winner Semi 1 vs Winner Semi 2

Rink 5 - Loser Semi 1 vs Loser Semi 2

Monday, 2 August

Rink 4 - Wes vs Steve

Rink 6 - Mike vs Curt

Bye - Barb

  • Flip a coin to determine who has the mat to start the match. The winner of the toss can either take the mat, or give the mat away. 

  • Matches are 12 ends. If you are tied after 12, play an extra end.

  • Each person should keep their own scorecard, unless both people agree to a designated scorekeeper. 

  • At the end of the round robin, if there are two teams with identical records, the head-to-head result of their match shall be the tie-breaker.

  • At the end of the round robin, if there are three teams with identical records, the points for and points against shall be added up to get a +/- number. The team with the highest +/- number will get the highest seed. For the remaining two teams, the result of their head-to-head match shall be the tie-breaker. 

  • If your team cannot make your match, please call the players on the other team to let them know of your absence, and to reschedule the match.

    • Wes Bresee (403) 548-7376

    • Mike Gilchrist (403) 818-4941

    • Curt Moll (403) 878-5114

    • Barb Moll (403) 504-8746

    • Steve Bezanson (902) 830-8979

  • Covid protocols are in place:

    • Each lead should have their own jack.

    • One person will be designated as the ‘raker.’

    • Use your foot to place the jack.

    • Do not touch the bowls of other players with your hands. 

    • Avoid shaking hands to start and end of the match. Fist or elbow bumps would be appropriate. 

    • Please physically distance yourself from your opponent (2m or 6’).

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