A jitney is a term the club uses to describe ad hoc games. In a jitney teams are decided before games start, usually by drawing names. The number of teams and the number of players per team is decided by the number of people who attend.

Jitney takes place on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 pm to about 9:00 pm. If you wish to participate in jitney you don't need to be a member, but bring $4.00. $3 goes to the club, the other $1 is split between the players (man and woman) who get the high score. Stay for coffee, tea, and snacks after jitney is over.

             High Scorers for 2018
 Date     High Score - Men
 High Score - Ladies
 May 16
 May 23 Wes
 May 30 
 June 6 Gordon Mary
 June 21 
 June 28 
 July 5  
 July 12  
July 19  
 July 26
 August 9 
 August 16  
 August 23  
 August 31 
 Sept 6
 Sept 13 

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