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Labour Day Tournament '11 & Breaking in the New Green!

posted 4 Sept 2011, 21:01 by Website Editor   [ updated 6 Sept 2011, 21:05 ]

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A beautiful day to break in the new green! Ten members of the club were joined by six members of the Lethbridge Lawn Bowling Club and by two members from the Commonwealth Lawn Bowling Club in Edmonton. Teams were chosen from a hat and we played a two game, total points tournament.

Kiri (Medicine Hat), Cyril (Commonwealth), and Ron (Medicine Hat) tied with Annie (Medicine Hat) and Eileen (Lethbridge), and Pat (Lethbridge) for first place.

 Sandy/Don, Inabelle, and Jerry, all from Medicine Hat for second place.

Faye (Commonwealth), Albert (Medicine Hat), and John (Medicine Hat) finished third.