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Medicine Hat Memorial Triples Tournament - Royal Lawn Bowling Club, Edmonton

posted 25 Jul 2016, 21:21 by Website Editor   [ updated 25 Jul 2016, 21:21 ]
Eighteen members of the club are back after a two day tournament at the beautiful Royal Lawn Bowling Club. Found on the south side of the Alberta Legislative Grounds, the Royal LBC put on a wonderful tournament on and off the green. 

The MH Memorial was conceived by Gerry Aitken and Pete Wilson to try to encourage more people to participate in a tournament at the provincial level. Teams were to be made up of an experienced bowler as the skip, a novice bowler as the vice skip, and a new bowler as the lead. The first tournament saw 16 teams from Royal, Lethbridge, and host Medicine Hat. Twenty teams from six different clubs played at this years tournament.

Lethbridge repeated as the champions. Medicine Hat LBC had four of our six teams make it to the semi-finals and then two of those teams qualified for the C and D finals. 

Ron Gebhardt, Allen Hunt, and Jean Bresee played a team in the D final but lost by a single point.

Curt Moll, Ina Lutz, and Joan Therialt vied for the C final title against a team from Royal. The Royal team's lead was the Canadian Blind Lawn Bowling Champion. Moll's team was up 2 going into the last end and looked poised to take it, but Royal's skip's last bowl snuck in and they counted two. Extra ends had one of Joan's bowls nearly atop the jack, with a Royal bowl only a few centimeters back. On the Royal's last bowl he knocked out both bowls and his stayed put to go up one. I came down to Moll's last bowl and he was able to get a wick off a nearby bowl which knocked the Royal bowl out of the count. Moll's bowl stayed put and counted one.  It was an exciting final as it was the last game still going and all the players had their eyes on the last game. 

Thank you to the Royal LBC for their incredible hospitality. There was a lot of food and a lot of laughs!