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Ladder Tournament

posted 15 Jun 2015, 21:34 by Website Editor
The club is introducing a ladder tournament to the fun this year. The point of a ladder tournament is to get to the top of the ladder by the end of the season (on the last night of jitney). The best part of this tournament is it is free to members.

On Friday, June 19, Curt will draw names from the pool of people who want to participate to create the initial ladder. From that point on, you are welcome to challenge someone who is one or two places higher than you on the ladder. You can use any game that you play against your challenge just as long as the person you challenge knows you challenged them. If you are play triples in jitney and your opponent is on the other team, challenge them and the result will count towards the ladder. If you want to challenge someone and play on your own time, determine how many ends or how many points you are going to play to and the results will count towards the ladder. League play can be used, just as long as the person you challenge knows about the challenge. 

You can play as many games as you want, or as few as you want. Hopefully you will use this as an excuse to get out and bowl more often instead of just on jitney or league nights. If you need a key to the club, there is a $10 deposit for it. Let Curt know if you want one. 

The top three people on the ladder on the last night of jitney will win a yet to be determined prize.