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Indoor Lawn Bowling

posted 5 Oct 2016, 21:24 by Website Editor
The club is experimenting with indoor lawn bowling at the Cypress Centre Field House (Indoor Soccer Facility). The artificial turf is very fast so many had to adjust their game to slow down their delivery and take a lot of green. Three 'newbies' came out - one hadn't bowled in 20 years and two others were brand new. It took some doing but they are all throwing like pros now. We were also given an anonymous gift - the first month of bowling has been paid for ($230). Our anonymous bowler has also suggested that he will pay for the remainder of the dates if we continue to get the same number of bowlers out each time. That works out to just over $1600! To top that our anonymous benefactor has also offered to donate a trophy which will be awarded to the high man and high woman of all the indoor jitneys.
Thank you to Mr or Mrs Anonymous for your incredibly generous donation!