Executive & Directors Elected

posted 11 Dec 2017, 11:24 by Website Editor

Sandy Morrice, after almost 10 years as president, has stepped down. David Dennis has been acclaimed as the new president. We thank Sandy for his years of service (since 1962). Sandy has agreed to remain on in a 'past president' role and will maintain the casino chairman position. Allen Hunt also had to step down as vice president, but will remain on the executive as a director. Bill Cuthill has stepped up and was acclaimed as the new vice president. All the directors for 2017 remain with the exception of Dennis Seher. The directors are as follows: Allen Hunt, Gordon Macdonald, Joan Theriault, Ron Gebhardt, Doug Keith, and Jean Bresee.

Pairs Wrap Up

posted 22 Aug 2017, 21:41 by Website Editor

The pai
The pairs league wrapped up with a fun wind up tournament. Four teams played and the team of Jean Bresbee and Chelsea Desjarlais came out on top by beating their husbands, Wes Bresbee and Jeff Desjarlais, 10-6 in the final game. The third place game saw Ina Lutz and Lori Durdle win a close one 7-4 over Daniel Frey and Danielle Donington. 
Hardware was also handed out. The round robin champions were Ina Lutz and Lori Durdle. After the round robin the league was split up with the top half of the round robin playing off against one another, and the bottom half doing the same. On the top half Wes Bresbee and Jeff Desjarlais took the 'A' championship, while Gordon Macdonald and Curt Moll took the 'B' side championship. 

Burniston Trophy Awarded

posted 17 Aug 2017, 12:06 by Website Editor

The Burniston Family Trophy, normally competed for near the beginning of July, was awarded at a triples tournament on August 2. Skip Doug Keith, Vice Jim Cicone, and Lead Eileen Cicone took the annual trophy with a close win over Jim Clegg, Mary Clegg, and Nanko Dubbelboer. Ina Lutz, Lori Durdle, and Vickie Chapman took the third place game over Daniel Fry, Danielle Donington, and Ann Boutkan. 

New Vice President

posted 8 Mar 2017, 16:47 by Website Editor

Allen Hunt has agreed to fill the vacant vice-president position. We thank Gerry Aitken for filling the position for many years and was instrumental in many of the improvements made to the club grounds and building, including replacing the top green. He was also a big part in having LBAA recognize a need for a competitive/fun tournament for bowlers at different skill levels. The Medicine Hat Memorial Tournament is now an annual stop on the LBAA tournament calendar. The club also tripled in size during his time as vice-president.

Shamrock Bottle Depot & the Charity of the Month

posted 11 Jan 2017, 21:57 by Website Editor

Shamrock Bottle Depot named us as charity of the month for May and June 2016. They just let me know that people donated $455.95 worth of returnables to our club during that time. Thank you to Shamrock for your support!

Indoor Lawn Bowling

posted 5 Oct 2016, 21:24 by Website Editor

The club is experimenting with indoor lawn bowling at the Cypress Centre Field House (Indoor Soccer Facility). The artificial turf is very fast so many had to adjust their game to slow down their delivery and take a lot of green. Three 'newbies' came out - one hadn't bowled in 20 years and two others were brand new. It took some doing but they are all throwing like pros now. We were also given an anonymous gift - the first month of bowling has been paid for ($230). Our anonymous bowler has also suggested that he will pay for the remainder of the dates if we continue to get the same number of bowlers out each time. That works out to just over $1600! To top that our anonymous benefactor has also offered to donate a trophy which will be awarded to the high man and high woman of all the indoor jitneys.
Thank you to Mr or Mrs Anonymous for your incredibly generous donation!

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Novice Tournament

posted 27 Aug 2016, 16:09 by Website Editor

For the first time in 22 years, the novice trophy was played for. Four teams, made up of bowlers who have been bowling for five years or less, vied for the chance to have their names etched on the storied trophy. The first time the trophy was played for was in 1959. Over the years, although the trophy was meant for pairs competition, there are also listed singles champions and triples champions. Current members on the trophy include President Sandy Morrice (1965) and Robert Young (1993). If you ever want to hear stories of the club's past, ask Sandy about many of the names on the trophy and he'll tell you a story or two about them. 

Allen Hunt and Joan Theriault are the newest names that will be etched on the trophy. They defeated Wes and Jean Bresee, 7-6 in an extra end. George Taylor and Yvonne Anctil took the third place games with a 9-6 win over Jim and Mary Clegg.

Medicine Hat Memorial Triples Tournament - Royal Lawn Bowling Club, Edmonton

posted 25 Jul 2016, 21:21 by Website Editor   [ updated 25 Jul 2016, 21:21 ]

Eighteen members of the club are back after a two day tournament at the beautiful Royal Lawn Bowling Club. Found on the south side of the Alberta Legislative Grounds, the Royal LBC put on a wonderful tournament on and off the green. 

The MH Memorial was conceived by Gerry Aitken and Pete Wilson to try to encourage more people to participate in a tournament at the provincial level. Teams were to be made up of an experienced bowler as the skip, a novice bowler as the vice skip, and a new bowler as the lead. The first tournament saw 16 teams from Royal, Lethbridge, and host Medicine Hat. Twenty teams from six different clubs played at this years tournament.

Lethbridge repeated as the champions. Medicine Hat LBC had four of our six teams make it to the semi-finals and then two of those teams qualified for the C and D finals. 

Ron Gebhardt, Allen Hunt, and Jean Bresee played a team in the D final but lost by a single point.

Curt Moll, Ina Lutz, and Joan Therialt vied for the C final title against a team from Royal. The Royal team's lead was the Canadian Blind Lawn Bowling Champion. Moll's team was up 2 going into the last end and looked poised to take it, but Royal's skip's last bowl snuck in and they counted two. Extra ends had one of Joan's bowls nearly atop the jack, with a Royal bowl only a few centimeters back. On the Royal's last bowl he knocked out both bowls and his stayed put to go up one. I came down to Moll's last bowl and he was able to get a wick off a nearby bowl which knocked the Royal bowl out of the count. Moll's bowl stayed put and counted one.  It was an exciting final as it was the last game still going and all the players had their eyes on the last game. 

Thank you to the Royal LBC for their incredible hospitality. There was a lot of food and a lot of laughs!

Canada Day Triples Tournament

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The annual triples tournament got under way on July 2 with six teams vying for the Burniston Trophy. It was a hot Saturday and a few players ended up dropping out as the afternoon wore on. In the end, Dennis Seher's rink of Ute Edmiston, Robert Young, and fill-in Ina Lutz finished the tournament at a perfect 3-0 to win the rights to have their names immortalized on the Burnistron Trophy. 

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